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Online ordering for restaurants

Grow your business with online ordering and increase customer satisfaction by offering more ways to enjoy your delicious dishes!

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DeliverMe is the brand new online ordering solution for restaurants using Exatouch® Point of Sale. Now your customers can order online at their convenience for pick-up and delivery, while you enjoy increased business, access to new guests, and additional revenues!

Why DeliverMe?


Menu setup is easy

There’s no need to create a separate online menu. With DeliverMe, you can offer the same menu online as you do in your restaurant.


Orders are customizable

DeliverMe offers unlimited order customization, perfect for build-your-own dishes.


It's convenient for customers

They can order for delivery or pick-up ASAP—or up to 7 days in advance. Plus, customers can place orders on their smartphone, tablet, or desktop.


DeliverMe + Exatouch

Using your Exatouch POS and its built-in applications, you can:

  • Track and manage all pick-up and delivery orders in real-time
  • Update menu items, modifiers, and pricing in your POS and they’ll show in DeliverMe
  • Send accurate online orders right to the kitchen
  • Temporarily suspend online ordering or change wait times based on staffing and demand
  • Manage taxes, delivery zones, and applicable fees
  • View all online orders in your POS reporting for greater insight

Strategic branding

DeliverMe enables customers to recognize your business while making the ordering process simple.


Easy Customization

Brand your online ordering site with your restaurant's logo, contact information, and more


Clean Design

The elegant layout enables you to organize and present your menu strategically to entice your customers and upsell them


Responsive View

DeliverMe's responsive design ensures customers can order from any device, including laptops, tablets, and smartphones


Website Assistance

We'll help you add an online ordering button to your website that customers can click to complete their order in DeliverMe


Smart features

DeliverMe’s easy-to-use features and intuitive design provide your customers with:

Important information about your restaurant right at the top of the screen, including:

  • Business hours
  • Location—even listing how many miles away your location is from the customer's
  • Contact information
  • Order minimum (if applicable)
  • Delivery fee (if applicable)
  • Live wait times
  • Star ratings
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A convenient search feature that allows customers to find items—great for restaurants with extensive menus

If your diners have a favorite dish, there’s no need to look through the whole menu to find it. They can simply type their selection into the search bar to make filtering a breeze!

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The ability to order for delivery or pick-up ASAP—or up to 7 days in advance

Serve your customers now or later. Whether it’s an order to pick up lunch tomorrow, or a catering delivery order for next week, DeliverMe makes it simple for customers to place orders at their convenience.

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The ability to add tips in a preset percentage or custom amount

Customers can reward your hardworking staff with gratuities by clicking a percentage of the total or typing in a custom amount.

smart 002

Space to put in delivery notes such as a gate code or parking instructions

Customers can enter the color and type of vehicle they’ll be driving for faster curbside pickup orders, or enter special delivery instructions that make your drivers’ lives easier and increase customer satisfaction.

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Previews of their order in the cart to make any last minute changes before checking out

If customers want to add another bottle of soda or forgot to say they want extra onions on their burger, it’s no problem! They can make these quick changes in the cart without having to modify the entire order.

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How it works

Because DeliverMe is integrated with Exatouch, the ordering process is seamless and can be completed in just a few steps.

Customer Chooses Their Menu Items and Submits Their Order

With DeliverMe's simple interface, customers can select the menu items they want, complete with required modifiers and any special instructions for preparation they have. It’s easy for them to pay and submit their order in just a few clicks.

DeliverMe Mobile

Merchant is notified of a new incoming order

Your Exatouch POS will display and track orders within Delivery Manager. Orders scheduled for a future date will be saved under "Future Orders."

Delivery Manager

Ticket is sent to the kitchen to be prepared

Exatouch POS automatically places the new order into the kitchen queue to be prepared for the customer’s requested pick-up/delivery time. No intervention from a server or manager is needed to fire the order to the kitchen!

Order Prepared

SMS notification is sent to the customer

A text message is sent to the customer to let them know their order is ready for pick-up or currently out for delivery!

Delivery Guy

Electronic Payments is here for you

  • Get online orders up and running quickly with hassle-free setup
  • We'll build out your online menu—for no additional cost
  • Schedule over-the-phone trainings
  • Access Electronic Payments' in-house, U.S.-based technical support available 24/7

Capture new customers and revenue today!

Being able to reach new customers and access multiple revenue streams is key to your restaurant’s future success. You can achieve those goals with DeliverMe.

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